Sunday, January 25, 2015

Transfer 12.3: パニクる~ The Cool Way to Panic

So, I just took a quick look over my week.

And there really isn't too much to update on. Isn't that sad! Stuff happened I promise! I just have to make things sound INCREDIBLY AWESOME.

ok, here we go. 

We traveled forth to find the supplies in which we would teach the children of dreams.... Dreams in English... And as we did, we came back upon the humble church building wherein waited a darling member of whom was looking for some brief escape from the tragic world in which we live. I lost the ability to speak Japanese. I cried. パニクる。

We found our way on down the Yamanashi city, the city of angelic pears, where no man waits but one. We worked our way along the streets in the dreary ran. Not one soul was about, except there was! A sweet old lady smiled and that was worth the trip. 

And then a meeting, or a council, a council of war with others of our kind firing for the salvation of men. Secrets battles and blatant war against the enemy. One battle won, one battle lost, and still the war rages on in our hearts. 

We found our way into a home, to teach and read together the words of the mighty past. Her eyes spoke of no interest, no questions, no pondering thoughts but in the moment that she prayed we found the deepest fountain of pure sincerity. A simple book to difficult to read from the cover. 

And then a mighty journey to the land of Machida where friends gathered together in the blazing heat of an aircon to sing, and pray, and hear the words which were prepared. Two days were spent in mighty council. 

Best of all, we stayed within the domain of my dearest friend Maloy who fed us of her delightful bounty, spaghetti and homemade hot cocoa. No better friendship was found within all the Tokyo south kingdom that day, for clark and Maloy were one again reunited. 

And parting was such sweet sorrow. 

And also, stake conference was a major tear inducing panic factory of my last this and my last that. パニクる is like a cool hip way to say "to panic"  in Japanese and sometimes I panic and go like this: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
It's true. So I'm just gonna stay calm and not explode. Sound like a good idea? Me too. But let's be honest, the closer going home comes, the more and more I'm gonna cry and cry. I know myself too well to say otherwise, haha. 

So, from here, invite all people to partake of the fruits of the gospel. No regrets. No fear! Whoooooo! #1monthleft

Love you all! Thank you for partaking in this wonderful adventure with me! <3

Sister Teagan Clark

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