Monday, January 12, 2015


Well. Here we are. Approaching the finish line. It is definitely in the sight lines. But as the commandments say "thou shalt not be trunky". And thus it is. Lots of things to be taken care of in my beloved land of the rising sun. 

First off, announcements! Last night, everyone got surprise transfer calls! No one was expecting it, haha. Rather surprised. The results are! Sister Blake is leaving! And Sister Kaizaki is coming! What will the future hold? Adventure is out there! 

This week has been mostly meetings. It rained Tuesday, canceling some of our plans.  One thing that has been hard to see is people deciding to no longer be Christians. Why? Various reasons, but I think the main one is that people want an easier way out. The easy way to heaven. The problem is, there is no easy way to heaven. The truth is not easy to hear, especially when it means that you need to change. But even though it is harder at the start, I think in the end it is the easier way. Because of foresight, you can see the lack of troublesome consequences that the so-called easy way brings. 

Mission Leadership Conference.
Zone Conference. Zone conference was exciting. I gave my first real live training! It was about teaching the restoration simply and I got to do a game. The improv skills come in handy. It was kind of like an improv game, actually. Missionary style. The other missionaries said they liked it and learned a lot! Yay! I was kind of worried. Haha. But not as worried as I was for the end.

See, this was my last zone conference and so I bore a final testimony. I don't quite remember what I said, but I was nervous. And I cried. That is about it. But I hope I never forget that feeling.

Saturday, Stake Priesthood Meeting. Good times. Sister Reeves is a good STL companion. We had a nice ride back with President Wada in which we discussed transfers. That was exciting to be in on it. (Actually, most of what we talked about did not happen the way I thought it would, haha, typical.) 

That sums it up! Ate way too much. Never want to eat again. 日本語だけで書けたいけど皆は日本語が分からないから大変です。

Love you all! Next weeks update is gonna be EPIC! :3

Sister Teagan Clark

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