Monday, January 19, 2015

Transfer 12.2: The Search is Finally Over

Hello everyone! It is wonderful to have your participation this week and I hope that you can smile just a little more because of this blog post. It's been an exciting week!

A lot of it has been cleaning, but that is okay, haha. 

We got Sister Blake sent on her way alright. She was sad to be going. Due to lack of another girl, I got to spend 4 hours with the rest of the elders waiting for their companions. Whooooo. Actually, it was WAAAY weird. Way weird. We ate bread and felt awkward, haha. But those guys are like my brothers so it was alright in the end. And then my fantastic new companion came!

Let me just say, that I LOVE Sister Kaizaki. She is wonderful and very patience with me, haha, which I need. Since this is my last transfer, I occasionally get way nervous and panicky but she just gives me a hug and is like "calm. It is okay." And it helps so much ^_^ BUT IT IS STILL NOT OKAY I AM STILL PANIKURU. 

Her hobbies include pottery and cleaning. She is a wonderful missionary and great at talking to people. She is also very inspiring and makes me want to do better always! I love her! :3

On Friday we walked up a mountain and then got rejected and then walked down a mountain, my legs still hurt, haha. But I really would do anything to help someone accept the gospel! It will bring so much joy into their loves, I just know it! I will CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN, FORGE EVERY STREAM and more! You better believe it! 

Sunday we housed for a while and had some success! One lady, after we introduced ourselves, was like "oh, church can I come?" Like-- what!! I've climbed a lot of stairs in the past few days, haha. We also visited the Ramos family and played a fun guessing game. Good times. 

Yesterday, we walked around a visited a few people. We visited someone who we were hoping to teach a lesson to. She opened the door and was like "Im busy." And then closed the door and left-- I was so surprised! But we felt like we should wait a few seconds and she came back and let us in! We were able to teach about the restoration and it was such a blessing. 

As for the search-- my whole mission other missionaries have told me how delicious Black Thunder Ice Cream is and that you can only buy it at 7-11... And my whole mission, I have always looked for it and have never found it. I had given up hope for such a thing to even exist. BUT THEN. As we were in the 7-11 by the temple in Tokyo, Elder Ferni was like "Sister Clark!" And I look over and he is just holding up these beautiful BTIC bars... It was beautiful... It was really after all! And it was DELICIOUS. 

My last temple trip. I cried. The end. Church is true. God is real. I am a Mormon.

Sister Teagan Clark

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