Monday, February 2, 2015

Transfer 12.4: A Lemon For a Shinier Lemon

Tick tick tick tick. 

Looks like we're are down to another update. Whoop whoop. Let's see if I can give you some exciting updates. 

We had district meeting. Like usual. And then we had a lesson with our Gold friend! Who isn't so golden... It seems like she is going to drop us soon. We are going to work heard through the spirit to see what else we can do to help, but sometimes people just use their agency and their is nothing more to be done.

But it seems that the Lord is trading one Chinese investigator for another. We got a referral all the from Hong Kong. We called her! And then a had a lesson together! And it went really well. She is interested in learning why her friend likes this church so much and is sincerely. She doesn't know anything about the church, but we are slowly teaching her and the spirit has been really strong in the lessons. It is amazing. 

This year, I started a children's English class in Kofu and it has actually had quite a bit of success! We have 3-4 families regularly coming and it is so much fun to teach! Kids are funnier to teach than adults, but I don't mind teaching adults either, I suppose. As long as they listen. 

Thursday was pretty busy and terrifying. If you think driving on a small freeway with big semi trucks passing by is scary, try doing it on a bike. Now THAT is scary. 

Had zone meeting and exchanges with Sister Ogawa. Good stuff. Actually it was a really long meeting. I gave a training on unceasing ministry to those we love and I thought it went alright. Sister Magleby said it was her favorite one, so I heard. I hope it at least kept people awake, haha. 

I think that about sums it up. Sister Kaizaki is such a sweet companion. I'm a ticking emotional time bomb every day and she is just so sweet and helps me out. Cheers to applying my mission to my life every single day! 

Sister Teagan Clark
I found the source of the ticking! It's a クラーク姉妹!

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