Monday, February 9, 2015

Transfer 12.5: Sunrise, Sunset, Swiftly Fly the Days

Happy P-Day everyone! I certainly have had an AWESOME one!

I won't even try to attempt an adequate comment on the passage of time. How quickly it goes. This week was especially fast I believe. We have had some good times. 

On Tuesday I had the feeling to visit a certain member, but I was like "nah" so we visited some other off-the-radar members who all were NOT interested in talking we us. Very rude, I think. Anyways, as we were riding our bikes I recognized where we were as being very close to where the member I was thinking about visiting lives. So we went over to say hi and it turned out that she needed a little bit of garden help and that we turned up at the perfect time! She said it was such a blessing and I felt blessed too! I'm going to give her my bike before I go home. It is a deal. I'll probably cry. Crying everyday. Cry party.

We went to talk to people around a nearby college. We ended up meeting the architects of this really nice building their building and had a good conversations with them. It is a really cool building. Apparently when you go their, you can only speak English. I'm in. 

My last Mission Leadership Council was this week! All the tears! It was really good. Lots of good things to think about and ponder. Lots about accountability. Good discussion as a zone. It's kind of easy to sit idle, but it is also fun to talk about and get things going on a role. I love working with the Takao sisters. Such a blessing. 

Saturday was kind of a tough and weird day. One of our progressing investigators suddenly dropped us out of the blue. No reason. Just "here, let me give you back the Book of Mormon" It was really confusing and made me really sad, but I realize that she'll have another chance. Just now isn't the right time. 

We then had a great relief society activity and our friend was able to come with her daughter. We also had a great game activity and the opportunity to go to a members home. But there was just a weird twang about the whole day. 

Sunday, we had a great day. That night, we saw a small miracle where Kaizaki Shimai felt that we should house a certain apartment complex and when we did, we found someone who said we could come back! It was great!! I'm so lucky to have such a great companion!! 

Today we got to spend sometime with our friends Eriko and Kanako. Such fun! We ate delicious ramen and ice cream and I found a lot of my favorite things! Super lucky! But really! I'm such a happy camper!! Today was great. 

I hope to continue up this awesome streak. We've got great things planned for this week as well. Prepare yourselves for more amazing things to come! Love you all so much!!

Sister Teagan Clark

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