Monday, February 16, 2015

Transfer 12.6: *ugly sob*

Wait just a second here.

Didn't I write this email like... A few days ago? Are you kidding me? It can't have already been a week. There is no way. Someone must have made a mistake. Did you check your watch? Will you check it again, please? 

What do you mean it is already the last week of the transfer???!!!

*bashes head against wall* I am not emotional prepared for this, ladies and gentleman. I can't even.

BUT what I can do is talk about some of the miracles that I saw this week!

Tuesday we were like "let's visit this less-active!" And then when we got there the name on the door was different and no one was home so we thought "hmmm, maybe they moved?" So we looked at the time and decided we have just enough time to house the one section of the apartment building. The first door we knock on is the less-active member! Turns out there was a mistake in the address. She can mostly only speak Spanish and some English... I cannot speak Spanish, haha. She said that she is now Jewish but her heart is Mormon and that she would like us to come back... So we are planning on coming back.

Then on the floor below her, we knocked on the door of a Chinese woman who immediately was interested in hearing our message, asked for a pamphlet, told us that we are incredibly adorable and that she wants us to come back. Uhm... Absolutely!!

Thursday, Friday, Saturday was filled with meetings and poor nights of sleep. Thursday was the shortest president interviews of my life, followed by weekly planning and good times with Sister Ogawa and Sister Magleby. 

Friday was an amazing and exhausting sisters conference. Good spiritual thoughts and exercise practice and some amazing final testimonies (including my own and the other beautiful sisters coming home with me). Looking back to when I first decided to go on a mission and who am now.... It's a big difference, a big change. And it is weird, because I still like Harry Potter and guacamole... It is a change that I can't quite describe, but I like it. I love this spiritual change and I hope that it can continue until I am like my Father. 

I feel like life is on fast forward. Monday to Saturday to Wednesday and then suddenly I'm home. WEIRD. Things are going to be so different, everything completely changed. It is making me nervous, haha, but I get to come all the way back with Sister Jones at my side and I have nothing to worry about! No stress! Got some final shopping done today! Invited some people out to church! Hugged my adorable companion! That is all it is about! Love love love it! Love Japan! Love the mission! Love all of you! I hope you are doing your best to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ wherever you may be.

With love and a little anxiety,

Sister Teagan Clark

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