Sunday, December 1, 2013

Transfer 2.3: Becoming an Adult.... IN JAPAN.

HEY, my birthday may or may not be in this week. I am excited. But kind of not excited. I don't want people to worry about my birthday. BUT. I will be 20 soon. SO bizarre to think about. Maybe people will stop saying 'YOUNG' every time I say my name.

This has been a pretty crazy week. We've had meetings almost everyday. Elder Johnson lead us in a really good district meeting this week. We are making Christmas Advent Calenders and I think we are planning on going caroling and maybe ringing some bells, maybe. It is all really uncertain on this point.

WE AND THANKSGIVING THIS WEEK. WE GOT TO GO TO AMERICA. And by that, I mean we got to go to an American base. And it was way cool and American. It was also right on the ocean and really pretty, but also FREEZING WINDY. We had delicious food and a lot of fun. I felt SO exhausted afterwards. It was delicious. I couldn't beat my mothers (of course) but it was still good. 

And then the next day we had to get up super early and go to a big Sister Conference, where we talked about sister stuff and swapped clothes and did zumba. Yes. ZUMBA. Also, I left my planner there and I am really bummed out about it because it had a lot of important information in it AND it was absolutely adorable. Super bummed.

On Sunday one of our investigators came and it was so great to be there with her! She is so sweet and kind and I am so glad to get to be able to work with her. On Saturday, there was a girl who kept creepily saying 'Sumimasen deshita.' over and over and she would walk away and then come back and say it again and it was more than a little freaky. 

Sister Hathaway says Hello.

Love you like always!!

Have an awesome week! And have some Happy, Happy Holidays!!

Sister Teagan Clark

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