Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Transfer 2.4: In Japan, People Give You Things Randomly

First off, shout out to MOMMA HATHAWAY. I know you are reading this, Momma Hathaway. Sister Hathaway really appreciates your packages and love. Just thought I would mention it. 

Second, shout out to THE FAM. Basically, I love you a lot. There is no end to my love and appreciation for all that you do for me. I can feel your love and prayers helping me and I really thank you for that. 

This week has kind of been majorly crazy busy. So busy that I can't really remember... So much of it is a blur. On Tuesday, we had interviews... My first, more officially Mission President interview. Luckily enough, President Wada is the best, so it went really well. I think. He could have a completely different perspective on that one. 

We were able to do a lot of really incredibly missionary work this week as well. We got two phone numbers while handing out flyers an the train station and we are really excited to get to meet with them again this week. On Wednesday, we found out that Sister Hathaway had to go to Mission Leadership Council that next day. DUN NUH Someone is probably going to become a leader. And it isn't me. Hathaway Shimai and I may or may not be really good at using the 'fake phone call' feature on our phone. That is a story for later. ;D

Anywho, so on Thursday I got to do some missionary work with Feist Shimai and Bickmore Shimai and it was really a lot of fun! Feist Shimai is really amazing and I am pretty sure that we are pretty tight. It is nice to have some good friends to be able to see. Elder Johnson said that we are pretty hilarious together. I am going to take that as a compliment. 

The next day I went on exchanges with Imano Shimai. There were bunnies. That is all that needs to be said about that. 

On Saturday, I exited to teenaged years. Something interesting about Japan, if you say it is your birthday, they start to try and find something to give you. You can be waving your hands like a madman saying 'really, really, it is okay!' and they will still give you some weird cookies or something. I am not complaining, I promise. It is just funny. Everyone was very kind to me. Hathaway Shimai got me just what I wanted.... CHRISTMAS STICKERS! Dreams came true that day.

On Sunday, we were able to have 2 lessons, which both went really well. We committed our main investigator to follow the WoW, which went very smoothly. She is so wonderfully prepared for the gospel. On Sunday, we also went to a family Christmas party... They kind had already eaten when we arrived right on time and we may have felt a little bit uncomfortable about it. BUT We had a good time, nonetheless. 

Elder Hill is leaving this week. Elder is Hill is going over the Hill. Heheheh, I think I am hilarious. But we are all sad to see him go! But we got to go to the tallest building in Yokohama and it was WAAAY cool and nice to send sometime with him before he leaves. We also went to dinner and lunch  with some members and some potential investigators and... Basically, we eat a lot and I don't think I will ever eat again, haha. I had my first real Japanese sushi! It wasn't too bad! Spicy Tuna! Yummy!

I hope everyone has a good week! I love you a lot! Remember to pray!

Sister Teagan Clark
Japan Tokyo South Mission
1-7-7 Kichijoji Higashi-Cho
Musashino-Shi, Tokyo

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