Sunday, March 2, 2014

Transfer 4.4: Gratitude

I wish I could report more success.

But frankly, lately we just haven't been having any.

Despite the effort, and the prayers, and the occasional tears, we have
not yet come to see the fruits of our labors. However, I will admit
that I do not believe that we have been putting our full effort into
the work as of late. Sister Harper has been sick, so there has been a
lot of resting. Because this is a fairly new area, there is not too
much follow up or old investigators to phone once more. I have made a
new goal as of recent. It is an old goal, with an old saying, but the
devotion is renewed. Work hard, Work smart, Work inspired.

The ward is incredibly kind. We had dinner with our ward mission
leader on Tuesday and had a few laughs. His family is really cute. We
only had one lesson this week, but I have a feeling that it is not the
way we need to go as of now.

Interviews were on Thursday and this mission is incredibly blessed
with a wonderful mission president. Though the feeling of the meeting
was casual and relaxed, it really was a comfortable time to have a
chat between two friends. President Wada supports us and loves us and
he lets us know. I appreciate that immensely. Caramel popcorn

On Friday, we helped out a less active with her English class and went
to dinner at the Matsumoto family's house. It was really delicious!
Sister Matsumoto and her son were very kind and showed their support
and shared their love. I really enjoyed our time with them.

The next day we went and helped out at another English house. We met
the owner through somewhat miraculous means... We walked by at the
precise moment she was waving goodbye to some students. She had been
stressing about finding some help and we offered ours. It was quite
the tender mercy for both of us.

Then Sister Harper got sick and so we have been resting and studying
and calling people a lot lately. I am antsy to get back onto the
streets to talk to people. I am trying to learn to be a better leader.

I thank you all for your prays. I seriously feel the benefits of your
prayers everyday. I have felt such joy and such pure happiness from
the gospel. I will forever be grateful to my Heavenly Father for this.

This is a talk that I really liked this week.

Please enjoy! I love you all very much!


Sister Teagan Clark

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