Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Transfer 4.6: Don't Eat the Bacon

Wow! What a week! We got two awesome new investigators is week!!

Nothing like going out for cake with someone and having them ask a
bunch of questions about the church!! Once again, Sister Clark's
missionary work revolves around cake.

This week was also Sister Harper's BIRTHDAY! YAY! We ate a billion
pieces of food. Man. I fill like I have eaten the world this transfer.
Just never stop eating. But really.

We had an exchange this week and that was a lot of fun. I got to go to
the city of Kichijoji with Sister Reeves, a first transfer missionary.
We went to a popular spot and handed out flyers. I taught her the way
of the kubarikai. It was beautiful. We were also planning on eating
there as well (at Mitaka station) when these two guys from London came
up to us and were like "hey, you speak English! Where is a good place
to eat?" So I directed them down the street to where we were planning
eating later...

...so obviously we couldn't awkwardly go to that same restaurant
afterwards! But really, that would have been the worst!

So we went on an "find a place to eat" adventure, which ended up
taking us to follow a somewhat shady guy to a somewhat super Japanese
shady restaurant. They brought us some weird bacon stuff that we
didn't order and we were like "okay?" And then ate it... And then
disappointed them by only ordering like, two mediocre dishes and then
leaving. YEAH. But the weird, subpar bacon was WAY overprice and we
didn't even order if but we had to pay for it! Ridiculous!!

It was still a pretty great adventure though.

On Sunday we taught a lesson with the Elders to this really cute
family. I basically found out what it would be like to teach with
Elder Thurman, our district leader, because Sister Harper and Elder
Bates hardly spoke. So that was an interesting experience.

Yesterday we read scriptures with our cute new investigator and helped
them make more sense to her. It was such a sweet little experience.

We might be getting Facebook soon! I hope my Mom hasn't changed it too
much... I can't even find myself when people want to add me as a
friend. Weird! I hope it all goes well!! I am so grateful to be a part
of the hastening of the work of God.

Today we went to the temple and it was so sweet and refreshing!! We
ate some delicious Indian Curry and talked to a lot of wonderful
people of the train. Everything is going so well! Thank you so much
for your many prayers and love! I love you so much!!


Sister Teagan Clark

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