Sunday, March 9, 2014

Transfer 4.5: Moments of Glory

Hello everyone! Just another week in the field. The field of Fuchu. Yeah. That works out well.

Let me see some fun events that happened this week...

We went out to a less-actives home and that is always fun! We got to see some nature! And by nature, I mean that we saw this crow eating a frog and it was pretty darn disgusting, so I am not sure why we watched it for like, 5 minutes. Your guess is as good as mine.

That same day, we met a lot of high school students. Like... A lot. One of them was the most energetic Japanese person that I have ever met. Her and her friends were like the most typical group of girls from an anime. The crazy, energetic one, the cute, feminine one, and then the shy one. The energetic girl made fun of how I said "ryo" but I was just kinda like "dude I don't think you can speak English so.... I am not gonna be offended" and then we skipped away very happily, haha.

The day we had English and more importantly KIDS English class. What up, it is so much fun. I got to be goldilocks. I knew my acting skills would come in handy one day. It was a moment of glory in the life of Sister Clark.

A moment of less glory for Sister Clark is something we do every Thursday night... It goes by the name of sports night. I am sure you can imagine how uncoordinated my volleyball skills are... Everything just always seems to go downhill when I attempt sports. It is definitely not one of my God given talents, I think.  On the other hand, my morning exercises have been going well. Now I just need to stop eating so much not good stuff. I dunno if that'll ever happen! It seems like the impossible!

On Friday, I had the first time where I felt sick on my mission! Whoooo! A mission first! I was like "wow, this is weird... I feel like I am going to throw up and I have a bad headache...this is new...." Haha, but I recovered quickly. I had some good ol tummy food, or at least the version of it that I could find in Japan. I recovered so fast that I was able to go to a DELICIOUS steak restaurant with a member that evening. Oh my goodness, it was heavenly. We are really living the good life in Fuchu, no joke.

Recently, we met someone on the train and had a good conversation with her. THEN a miracle happened. We met her again. And she was like "hey, what is up! how is it going? Do you have Facebook? Let's hang out! Let me make that lunch appointment FOR you, nice missionary people!!" Yeah, it was more than the best. We are really excited to eat with her.

We are going to a museum today and I am really excited!! I am sure that there will be plenty of pictures to show you next week. :)

Happy Birthday to my nephews Tyler and Kimball this week! My goodness, everyone is going to be so big when I get home. I can hardly believe it! Don't forget me!! Haha XD

Love you all so much!! Never forget to have faith. There is always light around the corner. I love you so very much.


Sister Teagan Clark
(Just a reminder of my address... I didn't get any letters this week #guilttrip)
Japan Tokyo South Mission
1-7-7 Kichijoji Higashi-Cho
Musashino-Shi, Tokyo

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