Sunday, March 30, 2014

Transfer 5.2: NATURE

It feels like it has been about 5 years since last p-day. Absolutely craziness.

We didn't even get a transfer call this week. We show up to the
station to go to Mt. Takao and Elder Thurman was like "so what is
happening with you two?" And we were like "what?" "Didn't you get
transfer calls?" "No, that is suppose to happen tomorrow." "Oh... No,
everyone else got called today." "WHAT YOU ARE KIDDING ME" Yeah,
apparently the APs just forgot to call us and President Wada ended up
telling us himself when we saw him at Mt. Takao.

Sister Harper and I are still staying together in Fuchu! Still a
British Party!! Woot woot!! I am really going to be sounding English
after this transfer, I think. I hope. (^ω^)

So yeah, we climbed the Mountain. It was a bit painful. But we made it
in the end!! I casually threw a banana peel over my shoulder while
talking to President and Sister Wada (because we were in the
mountains!) and I kind of casually ended up throwing it straight into
a tree. (。-_-。) Talk about embarrassing. Sister Wada was really
worried about it and so she started throwing rocks to try and get it
down so that it wouldn't be in people's pictures and she kept missing
so then the Elders joined in to try and finally someone threw a giant
rock and knocked it down (mostly). Nothing quite like making a fool of
yourself in front of your mission president. That is one sure way to
get him to trust you.

We have done a lot of finding activities. Aka we had no lessons this
week. We had Eikaiwa on Wednesday... We got to act out Frozen! That
was a lot of fun. I was the older sister and sister Harper was the
younger sister and Elder Thurman was the snowman/nice guy and elder
Bates was the evil prince dude. Party.

We went to sports night on Thursday, where I was unsuccessfully
ordered about by a zone leader. (AKA Clark Shimai is not ordered about
by no man *snaps in z formation*)

Friday we had an interesting experience. Elder Thurman has transferred
to Kanagawa and now an Elder Coggins is our district leader. He is
pretty awesome. He is a convert from Alabama, shorter than me, blond,
blue eyes. In the words of Brother Kurokawa, "he is very attractive to
Japanese girls."

So we were all handing out flyers on Friday at the station, when I
happen to stop this large group of about 11 jr. High school girls. I
start talking with them and they were very nice, all being like "oh my
goodness, you are so adorable! You aren't wearing contacts, that is
your real eye color? Wow, you are so cute!! Your Japanese is so good,
good job cute American girl!" And then sister Harper came over and
they were like "oh, she is super cute too! England, wow, how cool!"
BUT THEN Elder Bates thought it would be a good idea to come over with
Elder Coggins....

... It wasn't the best idea. As soon as they saw Elder Coggins, they
started screaming and literally fangirling all over the place and
squealing like he was one of the Beatles or something. It was
HILARIOUS. I was dying of laughter. I swear, one girl looked like she
was going to faint. They started trying to touch his hair and it was
so funny, I couldn't stop laughing. The Elders eventually left and the
girls all gave us a hug before they left, it was adorable. Brother
Kurokawa also said "I can see Eikaiwa attendance going up in the
future with Elder Coggins being here." What a crack up.

On Saturday, we went and viewed the blooming Sakura flowers. So
beautiful!! This week has been filled with beautiful nature. I am so
exciting for this next week of beautiful Sakura season, it only lasts
for about a week and this may be my only chance ever to see it. I love

I hope that everyone has had a good week. Keep strong in the faith and
never pass by an opportunity to serve one of your brothers or sisters.
I love you all so very much.

*・゜゜・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゜▽゜*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゜・*

Sister Teagan Clark

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