Sunday, March 23, 2014

Transfer 5.1: Anticipation

It may come to no surprise that I have not too much to report this week.

Happy Transfer 5 everyone! I will not yet know the fate of myself nor
my companion until......tomorrow. Yeah. Transfer calls. You never know
what is going to happen. The anticipation is literally the worst.
Transfer call study is the most difficult study of the transfer. You
just pretend to read while secretly staring at the phone, WAITING.
That's a true story.

(Let's just say that if my companion transfers, that I will NOT be
emailing this early any longer.... *coughcoughdidisaythatcough*)

Sister Harper was already transferred by the couple at feeds us every
month. They were just like "yeah, so you'll be gone soon, so next time
you come, it'll be Sister Clark and someone else." And Sister Harper
was just like "waaaaait a minute, I'm not gone quite yet!" Also, the
ward has transferred Elder Thurman already. Just kicked him off the
Fuchu island. When they found out that it was transfer week, they made
him speak him sacrament meeting. Looks like it'll just be me and Elder
Bates left.

In other news.... Happy Spring Equinox. That is a holiday in Japan.
Everyone has had this weekend off.

Harper Shimai, while she was handing out flyers, was approached by a
woman, who gave her a flyer for an event... A Jehovah's Witnesses
event.... Harper Shimai said "They've reversed things on me! I've have
been proselyted instead of doing the proselytizing!" It was kind of

We might get Facebook soon. The accursed zone leaders enjoy sending
emails with titles like "FACEBOOK" and then having the email be about
submitting stats or something. Those silly goobers.

Today we will be climbing Mt. Takao, so I am sure that next week you
will receive a plethora of wonderful stories and pictures that will
fill your heart and soul, but I afraid for today, that isn't the case.

I love Japan. Simply and truly. This is going to be a phenomenal
transfer, I can just FEEL it. Me and [insert future companions name
here] are going to see so miracles and it is going to been fantastic!


Sister Teagan Clark

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