Monday, September 1, 2014

Transfer 8.6: Tons of Testimony

Wow, it has certainly been an interesting week! A lot of different fun things happened, so I hope that I can properly explain about all the amazing things that happened this week!!

On Tuesday, after a quick surprise trip to Kichijoji, we got to visit Hasegawa Shimai who is the cutest little deaf lady and practice our sign language, always a good time. She is so very sweet and kind to us. She has such a strong testimony as well. She was telling us that she was really worried one day, because her eyes are going bad and she can't hear, that she won't be of any use to Heavenly Father, but she said she had a beautiful spiritual confirmation that as long as we is trying her best that everything will be alright. 

That night, we got to visit the Nishijima family and celebrate a teddy bears first birthday. It was a lot of fun and it was a great opportunity to hear her testimony as well. Most members in Japan have served missions, so it is great to hear about heir experiences. 

Wednesday, we visited Akatsuka Shimai, who has a rare illness in which she is basically allergic to all chemicals. No electricity, no smells, nothing. But she is such a sweet spirit and such a strong example. I am grateful to have gotten to meet her and we hope to be able to meet with her again soon! Also, Japanese men are way too skinny, don't try to wear their pants. 

Thursday, we got to go on the base! YAY FOR SPECIAL BASE TIMES! It was full of American things. Oh, america. Basically Sister Ellingson needed to go on splits for the evening because Sister Yoshida's amazing abilities were needed elsewhere, namely Atsugi. So we got to eat with the American people and speak english and stuff, so that was weird. I can't speak English normally anymore, I think, haha. 

Saturday was a day of many, many miracles. It was an official exchange day where I went with Sister Ellingson. We decided to go and try and visit a referral and walk the whole way so that we could try and visit people. Apparently Sister Ellingson doesn't really like walking. Didn't know that before hand. Anyways, she was a trooper. As we neared our destination, she started saying things like "boy, you really do like walking, don't CHA?" But she didn't complain for too long beeeecaaause we ran into this girl who had been wanting to come to church with her mom and felt prompted to come outside for a walk and found us. YEAH. That's the power of walking, baby.

Then the referral wasn't home.

Then we walked back to try and visit a member and give them a birthday present! For their birthday! As we walked, we met a nice mother with two kids who spoke perfect English because she lived in Orem, UT for a few years. Crazy, right? She gave us her phone number and texted us first! I am so excited to get to work with her!

And then we successfully delivered the present!

Then we rushed to the church to meet the other sisters, but they weren't their. Then, a random phone call out of the blue! Someone wanted to meet to talk about English class! The elders appeared at just the right moment! They come and they are a Chinese couple in which the wife no only wants to come to English class, but is interested in learning more about our church! What! The real miracle is that we have no idea how they got the sisters number. We give our English class flyers, but they have elders number, not the sisters, and as far as we know, no one  gave them our number. Elder Otsuka testifies that this was a miracle. 

On Sunday, the girl we met the day before by walking came to church with her mom. ステキね!They are now the other sisters investigators! Yes!

But now I am kind of tired and grumpy and don't want to talk to anyone. Hahaha. That isn't a good thing. Oh well!

Love you all lots and lots and lots! 

Sister Teagan Clark

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