Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Transfer 9.2: How to Handle a Trainee

Good evening everybody! How is it going? Was it hot today for you? Man, I was sweating. We got to go to the temple! So that was exciting!

Last week feels like years and years away. On Tuesday we had a lesson with our cute deaf friend, which was lovely, as always. I saw some deaf people signing the other day and I really wanted to try and talk to them, but I got too scared.... :/ but I really love Shuwa! It is wonderful!! 

Oh my goodness, Wednesday... I had totally forgotten that that was this week... It feels like forever ago. So on Wednesday, Sister Ellingson and I went to have lunch with a lady (we thought) and have a nice talk and what not BUT IT WAS A TARP I MEAN TRAP. It was weird, because the first thing we did was go shopping for sir thing to eat, when we thought that she had already prepared the food.... That was the first sign. The she started talking about how she has a friend over, so don't be surprised that she is there. Then she mentioned that there was also a guy there and they all just want to be our very best friends. Sister Ellingson and I looked at each other wearily. We didn't quite have a good feeling about it.

So we got to the house and walked in. Her friends introduced themselves and then shuffled us into the living room to sit down. Before, the woman had given Sister Ellingson a panphlet and DVD about her interesting religion. He (it was really only the guy) asked us if we had watched it and we said no, because we aren't allowed to watch things while we are missionaries. He tried to get us to watch it then, but we refused. He then pulled out the pamphlet and start going over a few of the things. We suddenly felt like we had become the investigators and that they really didn't understand out purpose. We tried to explain, but he didn't really let us explain anything fully. He talked about how they got power from light(?) and use that light to heal people (?) and when we asked where they got it from, he said the first guy went to a mountain top and wrote the light character on his chest (?) Oh, and then they TRIED TO GIVE US THE LIGHT THING, WHICH IS BASICALLY LIKE THE PRIESTHOOD I AM PRETTY SURE. SO THEY TRIED TO GIVE US THE PRIESTHOOD. "It'll only take like 10 minutes" he said "uhm we are pretty darn sure we cannot do that" we said "it isn't like baptism" he said "we really can't do that" we said. Then we tried to explain the priesthood and it's importance, but he didn't really listen. Then we got a miracle phone call and had to leave. It was an interesting experience.

But it really really strengthened my testimony. They were trying to find answers. There were similar principles that they had. But they were not the tru and you could feel it. There was no testimony of the spirit. There was no searching to find out for ourselves. And this church, the true church, has the answers that they did not. I am grateful for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 

We had a surprise party for Marcia which involved PIÑATA TIME! I whacked it pretty hard. And Wright Shimai left, so everyone was sad.

But then Sister Tamagusuku came! Yaaaay! She is from OKINAWA!M aaaand she is a black belt in karate like me!! We are the same! Just she is smaller! Yaaaay!

The way to train is to nudge your companion to do it. And then the will do it. Maybe. Actually, she is way nervous to talk to people. She'll get there. She can do it!!


I think that about sums it up. Yup. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed. See ya next week. 


Sister Teagan Clark

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