Monday, September 8, 2014

Transfer 9.1: TRAINING?!?!

Wow! Can you believe it!! Transfer 9 is here! I am practically an ancient missionary by now! Can you hardly believe it?!

Also, with a spike in my transfer age, comes an increase of dementia... AKA I don't have my old planner so I am having trouble remembering what occurring this past week...

We were able to have a lesson with an investigator that was... Interesting. She seems to have no reason and no desire to learn, but she is still fine with us coming back to her house to teach her again. She is a very typical Japanese person, satisfied with life and with no thought of God. I have met many people like this. But it truly is amazing because you can see the people changing. Slowly, person by person, people are starting to think more deeply about life and about the beyond. You can see the effect the mission is having on people. It is amazing. A great reason to keep working hard.

I received my 6 month letter, AKA my death letter this week, informing me that my officially release date is "February 27, 2014" so that is exciting. Also, I also misspell February. 

We are preparing for a baptism for the other sisters this coming week! BUT! As a new transfer comes, so do transfer calls. Today we found out that Sister Wright will be leeeeaving me :(:(:( *criesforever* and I am going to be training...... For the first time.... A cute little Japanese girl who I have yet to meet.... SCARY! But exciting! Lots of adventures in the future!

We made cookies! We walked everywhere! We looked awesome and we represented The Lord with all of our hearts! I look forward to another great week working as a missionary for my dearest Heavenly Father. I feel him watching out for us. My testimony grow stronger day by day. This work is true. This message is true. This can bless and change anyone's life. Follow God. Follow Christ. And the blessings will certainly come.

I love all of you.

Sister Teagan Clark

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