Sunday, September 28, 2014

Transfer 9.4: The Fruits of Our Labor

It looks like it is time for your favorite time of the week- Clark Shimai blog time! Whooooo yeah party! 

I hope everyone enjoyed the fall equinox. I am really really enjoying the weather here in Japan. It is finally not super hot and has become really really nice autumn like temperatures. Ahhhh.... Autumn. How pleasant. 

We gotta go play volleyball with the ward, which was a blast. We discovered that Elder Graul from Sandy? is 4000% times more graceful than I am (he was a dancer) and that I should probably never participate in sports ever. Aka balls are terrifying always. But I do have the random craving to play tennis randomly. I think I've only played tennis once in my life. 

This week included a lot of visiting people and lesson planning that ended up in no one ever being home ever/ slash ever one was busy cleaning their shrines or something. I can't be quite sure, as my Buddhist Japanese isn't quite up to par. 

Thursday was particularly interesting, as I went forth with bold faith during a typhoon to visit people who I was sure would be home at that time, fully prepared to teach them and testify with all my heart of the truth of this marvelous message-- and then neither of them were home. I'm sure there is something I am suppose to learn from this. 

Had exchanges with Sister Ellingson, which included visiting a cute old lady and her genius cats. Walked holes in my shoes (they have had holes for a while now, actually XD) and still going forth with faith! Still working hard and as smart as I can! All the areas around me are seeing baptisms and I hope that my effort has been somewhat part of that. I may not be the one seeing miracles, but somebody is. I feel like I am learning from this experience and this transfer.

Sister Tamagusuku never laughs at my jokes.

Also I am pretty sure all my friends are dead, because no one really writes to me......ever.......

Just as a friendly reminder....

1-7-7 Kichijoji Higashi-chi
Musashino-shi Tokyo

As always, my love and prayers are with you. Keep the faith and always stand as a witness of God in ALL things. Yes, even when you are playing video games or pulling weeds. In all things.


Sister Teagan Clark

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